About Us

Spokane Book Recycling was created as an easy way for people to sell and recycle books in the Spokane Area. People can not only sell textbooks for cash. They can also donate used books. We also take CDs, DVDs, Calculators and Video Games. We also pick up books that are no longer wanted. We have a simple method for handling the books we receive:

  1. Sell online – Get books back into the hands of readers through online sales.
  2. Sell locally – Get books back into the hands of readers locally.
  3. Donate locally – Give quality books to local organizations needing reading material.
  4. Donate to national charities.
  5. Recycle the books we can’t find homes for.

Spokane Book Recycling was founded with entrepreneurial spirit and drive to do the right thing and contribute to the community.

Our Values
Spokane Book Recycling is driven by constant improvement and a passion for exceeding expectations.

  • We are a small business We develop personal relationships with our partners, customers and team. 
  • Integrity. We say what we mean. We do what we say. We follow-through on plans and promises. 
  • We exceed expectations. We go above and beyond to delight our partners. If issues arise, we immediately make things right.
  • We innovate. We relentlessly pursue efficiencies, and continually improve processes and people to get better results for our customers, partners and local community.
  • Everyone wins. We are invested in-win partnerships that deliver growth, profit, and success for all parties.  

Let’s build something together.

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