Sell your Textbooks to us.

We pay top dollar.


Its easy.
1. Request a quote
2. We make you an offer.
3. We pick up your books and pay you cash.

Spokane Book Recycling was created as an easy way for people to sell and recycle books for cash in the Spokane Area. People can sell textbooks for cash. We also take calculators, CDs, DVDs and Video Games. Great for anyone needing cash for next semester or just wanting to put some money in your pocket. Customers can also donate their unwanted books and media. We pick up for free. Great for anyone wanting to clear space quickly or with leftovers from an estate sale.

We pay cash for:

Sell Textbooks for cash

Sell college textbooks to us. We pay cash and even pick up.


Sell CDs for cash

Sell CDs for cash. Bootlegs not welcome here.

Used Books

Sell Used Books for cash

Donate and Recycle unwanted used books. Get your space back and save books from landfill.

Video Games

Sell Video Games for cash

Sell Games to us for cash. All game platforms welcome.


Sell DVDs for cash

Sell DVDs to us for cash. Empty those shelves.


Sell Calculators for cash

Got a calculator from school? Never going to use it again. We can give you cash for it.

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